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Read More: Having Tattoos Can Actually Help You Get Hired It's these kind of communities that weren't around 20 years ago, when Lyndal Hayes (below) first thought about becoming a carpenter, like her dad. "Growing up, I never thought I could be a carpenter because I was a female," she says. "When I was in primary school or high school, there were no women doing [carpentry]; no-one wanted to be an apprentice; no woman carpenter ever came out for careers day at school. They just didn't exist." Hayes only came to carpentry in her thirties, after arthritis in her hands forced her to give up new doctor home loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 furniture polishing. She started working in labour for her dad, and gained a carpentry qualification while working for the family business. Ten years on, she's still the only woman in her team, but she says she's seeing the industry change every day. Plumber Kimberley Smyth (below) is part of that change. She started Hey Sista Plumbing, an entirely female owned and run company, in 2012, as a less daunting gateway into the industry for young women. Smyth says she's been on the receiving end of sexist comments, all the way from trades school to job sites. "In the doctor home loan calculator Oak Laurel past I've had men tell me it's illegal and sexist to run a female plumbing company," she says, "which is amusing considering the tiny percentage of women in the industry.